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Clarity Vision Chart

Introducing our visual acuity chart, designed by physicians to be both accurate and economical. Whether you're a healthcare professional or simply in need of a reliable eye test, our chart is the perfect solution. 


Based on Android operating system for superb reliability, our visual acuity chart is quick, reliable, and efficient. 


Snellen visual acuity calibrated to work at distances 8 to 20 feet.  Numbers, letters, and tumbling E optotypes are included.


Tired of overpaying for expensive visual acuity systems?  Our device is was developed to be economical to facilitate growth of your practice

Watch a demo!

"The visual acuity chart is clear and user-friendly, making eye exams more efficient and accurate."
"This innovative chart combines is cheap, simplistic, and reliable., enhancing the experience for both patients and optometrists."
"We were looking at several much higher priced systems and are glad we went with Clarity.  It has everything we need at a fraction of the price"

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